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Designed for success from the Ground Up

The best websites rely on design and development coming together to create an end product that's not only attractive, but functional and effective too.

I bring together a handful of talented, creative designers to collaborate with me on the creation of your website, providing you the flexibility to always work with a design and development team that sees your vision, and knows how to recreate it in the digital world.


I have a simple philosophy about design. When was the last time you noticed the configuration of lights in your house? If you haven't noticed, it's because it just works. This is the epitome of good design. It shouldn't jump out at you or make you think, it should just feel right and be intuitive to use. I used tried & tested methodology to make sites that not only look good, they also hook potential customer's interest and convey your value in the best possible way.


If you've been shopping for a web designer, then you know that not all designers share your creative vision. I work with a variety of styles, the focus is always on providing a good user experience more-so then creating a rainbow kaleidoscope on users screens, no matter how pretty said rainbow is!


Agencies often have the resources to create a website to your specifications, but there's always two problems: they take forever and they cost a fortune. With dramatically lower overhead and blazing-fast turnaround times, I create websites that are equally stunning, at a fraction of the cost and time. You can also rest assured knowing your project is being handled by someone with years of experience, not an intern learning the ropes.

The Proof is in the Pudding

Here are just three of the thousands of projects I've worked on over the past 11 years as a professional web developer.

VEC Civil Engineering wanted a simple yet informative website to tell potential customers about the services VEC offer and showcase the projects they've successfully completed.

I designed & created an easily editable WP website for P3 Risk & Safety Solutions to offer occupational health & safety products and service.

The Exhibit Company wanted a minimalistic style website to showcase the exhibits they've built, and provide information on the various products and options available.

Going the extra mile to deliver the best.

Search Engine Optimised Sites

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) still plays a major role in getting visitors to your websites, and could cost you a small fortune to rectify later on. As someone who has studied and practiced SEO for many years I know that good SEO starts with optimised design & development, which is why every website I create is built upon proven on-site SEO principles.

Cross Device Compatibility

These days websites are viewed on much more than just computers. The websites I develop can work on a wide variety of devices including all varieties of phones & tablets. This is accomplished by strictly adhering to W3C coding standards that also results in faster loading times and greater accessibility.

Future Proof

All of my standard sites are built on WordPress. Over 20% of websites on the internet are powered by WordPress! While there are many technical reasons for using WordPress, for clients it provides a platform that's simple to maintain, upgrade and even build future versions of the website by simply creating a new theme opposed to rebuilding the entire site from scratch.

"Infinity Web Development were contracted for what we thought would be a challenging brief. They have delivered a highly accessible and well-designed product that is flexible enough to adapt to our future needs and yet is extremely easy to use. The developed site is well composed and clean in design. The design process has been highly efficient, highly interactive and extremely responsive. Infinity Web Development delivered our site, on time, on brief and on budget. We would highly recommend their services for your web development projects."

Craig Williams Tamar NRM

I've been involved on projects for companies including:

  • Nintendo
  • HP
  • CeBIT
  • Bayer
  • Yoplait
  • Jeep
  • Asics
  • Woolworths

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