About Matt

aboutI’m Matthew Rochow, a freelance developer and all-round good guy in Australia.

I’ve been a full-time developer for the past 11 years, starting in design & search engine optimisation and moving into my true passion, development. My background across a variety of roles helps produce a polished solution, one that is both technically sound, and also optimised for search engines and well presented for visitors.

From my home office in Queensland, Australia I develop websites & facebook applications for companies all around the world. I’m quite OCD – bad news for the fiancĂ©e, great news for clients. Each project is meticulously developed to specification and budget whether a basic yet solid job, or detailed “each and every detail & device perfect” spec.

In my free time I enjoy relaxing and spending time with friends, watching sport, and hacking around on the golf course.


Born with the fortunate gift of being able to pick up almost anything logic-driven, I’ve worked with a multitude of languages, CMS’s and API’s, however I specialise in:

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